Non primary domain does not catch all?

Mar 4, 2013 at 12:42 PM

I configured this OK and my primary domain catches all emails into the selected "alias" or email address fine. I tested it.

I added a second domain as an accepting domains in the Exchange setup. In the users for the primary domain I turned off automatic setup and added my other domains email addresses and set them as the default reply too.

Sending emails to my primary domains SMTP using the second domain resolved the mailboxes just fine. So I can send and receive perfectly using those accounts on the second domain.

But I have added the catch all in the config. I used worlmy for example to send and look at the output for SMTP. i send to " " Worlmy says OK- queued for delivery.

But there is no message.. in any of the accounts? Where the heck did it go to? I tried using the alias, the full email and just the domain2 catch only on its own. several configurations. It always says "queued" but the email is not where to be found?

I also tried redirection to my domain1 alias - that also produces no email. but to domain1 alias works perfect.

Does any body know what the problem could be. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you
Mar 4, 2013 at 1:43 PM
OK So I found these nice shiny new tools (migrated form 2003 so give me a break) called Message Tracking in the Toolbox.

That with worlmy I worked out it kept on saying no recipient found for domain2 - So I figured it was not resolving the destination address. Yes- And the only email address I did not try was the ".local"

So instead of using the defautl reply of "" or even the alias?! "admin" I HAD to use "admin@domain1.local"


The actaul config file with my real domain masked. Just incase it can help somebody else. Not sure why it cannot resolve the actual SMPT adderess?
  <domain name="" address="" />
  <domain name="" address="lor@domain1.local" />
Apr 23, 2014 at 5:11 AM
I can't explain why the message didn't get redirected properly. Could you send a message from the outside to Also, you said the message got lost. Do the message tracking logs tell you where it went? (They should.)